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Road Scholar Birding Programs Combine Learning And Adventure In The Great Outdoors

For experienced birders and novices alike, Road Scholar offers 70 unique Birding adventures in the U.S. and internationally. From the Arizona to Africa, there are many opportunities for bird enthusiasts to spot endemic species and add to their growing lists of observed birds. For those who enjoy the thrill of spotting a new bird, sharing the experience with other enthusiastic birders is an added bonus.

“Birding is incredibly popular with baby boomers and a vital component of our Outdoor Learning Adventures,” says James Moses, president and CEO of Road Scholar. “Led by Road Scholar’s expert naturalists, biologists and birders, these adventures are opportunities for experiential learning and discovery at its best.”

Each program offers a close-up look at local birds and their habitats, combined with in-depth learning about local species and the natural history surrounding them. Just a sampling of Road Scholar’s new Birding adventures includes the following:

Birding in Cuba: Discover the Island’s Exotic and Native Species

Venture to coastal habitats, tropical rainforests and Biosphere Reserves in search of vibrant, exotic birds — many of which can only be found on the captivating island of Cuba. Exploring with an ornithology expert, look for the brilliant yellow collar of the Cuban Grassquit, spy the dazzling green and red Cuban Parakeet and keep an eye out for the endangered Gundlach’s Hawk. On this unique journey, get a close-up view of many of Cuba’s endemic species, meet conservationists and scientists, and learn about culture and history in colonial Old Havana.

Birding the Diverse Landscapes of Colombia’s Central Andes and Santa Maria

Colombia is home to greater birding diversity than anywhere else on earth! Come witness this nation’s rich biodiversity as you join knowledgeable experts to explore a variety of terrains in search of Cock-of-the-Rocks, Ant-Pittas, Blue-billed Curassows and many more of nearly 2,000 species. Improve your birding skills and learn new techniques through engaging lectures. Journey through the country’s unique ecosystems and dive deeper into the local culture as you savor traditional cuisine, explore a coffee town and learn the true story of this fascinating region through wildlife and precious landscapes.

Israel’s Flyways: Birding Along the Migration Superhighway

On the shores of the Mediterranean and at the meeting place of two continents, Israel claims some of the world’s greatest religious and ancient human history. Its location has also made it ideal for something else — it’s one of the world’s hotbeds for birding migration. More than 500 million birds fly over the country annually. Experience a birding environment few others have while also discovering the vibrant culture and ancient history of Jerusalem, The Galilee Region and Tel Aviv.

Birding in Glacier National Park

Encounter rare and unusual bird species that thrive in and around Glacier National Park on an adventure led by expert birders with intimate knowledge of the area’s well-trodden trails and off-the-beaten-path locales. Hike through wilderness and into the habitats of both Eastern and Western Watershed bird species and as you travel through Glacier National Park, one of the nation’s most intact and undisturbed ecosystems.

Avian Ecology and Birds of Isle Royale National Park and Michigan’s Northwoods

Fifty-six miles off the Michigan mainland in the majestic waters of Lake Superior stands Isle Royale, one of the last truly untamed lands in America. On expert-led hiking and canoeing excursions, explore the isolated wilderness of Isle Royale National Park in search of rare and exotic birds. Spanning the main island and 400 smaller islands, this extraordinary National Park is home to birds like the Sandhill Crane and Sharp-tailed Grouse. Traverse the island by foot and boat to discover the park’s unique ecology and learn its fascinating history from the researchers and rangers who know it best.

Shawnee National Forest: Birding & Ecology in Southern Illinois

Experience the best birding in Illinois as you search for herons, woodpeckers and more in Shawnee National Forest. Along the way, learn about the region’s wildflowers, mammal life and general ecology with naturalists who lead informative walks along the park’s cypress swamps and sandstone bluffs. Search for species according to season, with springtime focusing on neo-tropical warblers, butterflies, and wildflowers. Autumn presents opportunities to learn about waterfowl, woodpeckers and raptor rehabilitation. Beginner birders learn the techniques for spotting their favorite species, while advanced birders enjoy opportunities to explore on their own.

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