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Not-for-Profit Road Scholar Launches New Crowdfunding Campaign

The educational travel organization finds a new way to inspire giving within its community and beyond

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced everyone to put their plans on hold and Road Scholar participants are no exception.

All Road Scholar programming has been suspended through June 2020. In order to offset some of the lost tuition revenue due to the pandemic, Road Scholar is reaching out to its community with a new fundraising campaign — Stand by Road Scholar, which to date has raised more than $300,000. In addition, a new crowdfunding component of the campaign was recently launched, and Road Scholar staff, providers, volunteers and current donors have all given and encouraged their networks of friends and family to give as well. The not-for-profit organization is asking everyone who believes in the benefits of lifelong learning to stand by Road Scholar and give.

“Each year, Road Scholar must raise more than $2.5 million to offset the cost to develop and operate our 5,500 programs around the world,” said James Moses, President and CEO of Road Scholar. “But, contributions are more important now than they have ever been at any time in Road Scholar’s history. Since we launched the Stand by Road Scholar campaign, we’ve raised nearly $290,000. Participants are even donating when transferring to new program dates or from refunds from suspended programs. I’d like to personally thank everyone who has contributed, and encourage others who believe in our mission to help us reach our goal.”

Raising Funds and Building Virtual Communities

What makes the new crowdfunding campaign unique is the integration of the not-for-profit organization’s social media platforms. The use of social media has skyrocketed during quarantine, and has shown to be an effective way to build camaraderie. To date, nearly 600 Road Scholar friends responded to the call to give.

Individuals who wish to donate funds have an option to join a team that speaks to their own interests, such as grandparents and women; all donations are tax deductible.

The need to raise funds is critical as the organization assesses future program suspensions. In addition to enabling the organization to offer virtual learning opportunities for thousands of lifelong learners, it will also help support staff who oversee program development, and help underwrite virtual training for Group Leaders to enhance the future learning experience.

To learn more about the Road Scholar Crowdfunding Campaign, visit: www.roadscholar.org/standby


About Road Scholar

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