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Road Scholar Brings Grandparents and Grandchildren Together

This summer is the perfect time to experience an adventure with your grandchild. With dozens of adventures to choose from, Road Scholar’s Intergenerational learning adventures for grandparents and grandkids include surfing and exploring volcanoes in Hawaii, discovering theatre together, or rafting in the Grand Canyon and more.

Christine Brooks, a Michigan grandmother, started a tradition a few years ago when she took her then 10-year-old grandson Caleb on an adventure to Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park the Grand Canyon North Rim.

“I’ve been on other Road Scholar programs on my own but I needed a travel companion and I thought who could be better companions than my grandchildren,” Christine says. And so, a new family tradition was created as each of her six grandchildren share a Road Scholar learning adventure with their grandmother upon reaching their eighth birthdays! So far she has taken three grandchildren on adventures in National Parks. She has two more coming up this summer with twin grandkids, and is planning for two more next summer.

Each Road Scholar experience offers both one-on-one time with grandchildren, as well as peer interaction for both generations. “While learning and discovering on the adventure together is the center of the experience, there are other added bonuses for everyone, including stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new,” says James Moses, president and CEO of Road Scholar.

Christine rode down Bryce Canyon on horseback with Caleb and climbed a ropes course with granddaughter Payton in Glacier National Park. “Going on the programs has pushed me to try things I never would have tried on my own and the kids have opportunities to discover new interests too,” Christine says. “My granddaughter Carmen built a robot that traveled underwater with one of the other girls on our program in Yosemite. They were focused and determined to finish it and make it work — and it did! They all keep asking when I’m going to start over so they can go again.”

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