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Road Scholar Adventures Celebrate Special Bond Between Grandparents And Grandkids

As kids around the country head back to school, grandparents and grandkids around the country know that learning in the classroom isn’t the only kind of learning they can be part of. This year thousands of grandparents and their grandchildren experienced a learning adventure with Road Scholar. While school supplies and books aren’t required, each of the organization’s learning programs is led by instructors who are experts in marine biology, natural history, U.S. history, theater and more.

“The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is such a special experience for both generations. Road Scholar’s Intergenerational programs are a unique way to spend more time together, challenge themselves, learn something new and make it even stronger,” says JoAnn Bell, senior vice president of programming at Road Scholar.

Road Scholar offers a collection of more than 200 different learning experiences designed for grandparents and their grandchildren. From traveling back in time to colonial Virginia and experiencing living history to exploring Costa Rica’s natural wonders, there is something for nearly every interest.

Dorothy Marsh, a grandmother of seven from Lansing, KS, began attending Road Scholar programs with her oldest granddaughter Kyleigh in 2007and recently returned from one with her eight-year-old grandson Brandon in Mount Rushmore. She has established a tradition that each grandchild will have the chance to attend a program during the summers that they are eight, 10 and 12 years old. She credits her early experiences with Kyleigh – who is now 18 - with inspiring her.

“Kyleigh recently shared with me that our time together on Intergenerational programs helped her to be brave and now heading to college she doesn’t have the same fear or anxiousness that others have. While she may not realize it, they made me braver too. I climbed mountains and I learned to surf on Waikiki Beach – I wouldn’t have done that without her. That sense of wonder and awe that can only come from a child – it’s a wonderful gift to be in the presence of that with my grandchildren.”

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