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Road Scholar Launches Learning Adventure Exploring The CIA, Terrorism & More

Is the innocent-appearing woman sitting at an outdoor cafe table waiting for the next drop-off? What’s in the suitcase of the young man at the bus stop? Is the tourist standing in the shadow of the Jefferson Memorial actually a mole harboring national secrets?

Danger and intrigue lurk seemingly everywhere in today’s world, with countries looking for an edge on each other and new hot spots of terrorism popping up by the day and their tentacles reaching into everyday lives.

Road Scholar, the world’s largest educational travel organization, has developed a new learning adventure, “Inside the CIA With Intelligence Experts, Operatives and Historians,” that takes its participants on a week-long journey into the covert operations of intelligence agencies in the U.S. and beyond and illuminates topics like recent terrorist attacks here and abroad.

Led by internationally renowned intelligence officer and author Nigel West, participants hear real-life stories directly from those involved in covert actions, including the first female officer in Moscow, a former jihadist and the CIA’s top-ranked female Arabist.

“This will be a thrilling event, designed for the aficionados of espionage literature, fact and fiction, but intended to attract those with hitherto only a passing interest in the arcane world of clandestine operations,” West says. “This will be an opportunity to meet and engage with the real-life professionals.”

Nigel West is a military historian specializing in intelligence and security issues. In 1989, he was voted The Experts' Expert by a panel of spy writers. He is the European Editor of the Washington D.C.-based International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence and a lecturer at the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies in Alexandria, Va. In 2003, he was awarded the U.S. Association of Former Intelligence Officers’ first Lifetime Literature Achievement Award.

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