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Road Scholar Announces New Educational Adventures In 2017

Each year, Road Scholar adds to its thousands of educational travel programs for adults — and this year brings an array of fascinating new adventures! In 2017, Road Scholar has created new learning opportunities featuring explorations of historic U.S. cities with expert faculty; cultural and language immersion in cities around the world; and learning experiences by bicycle focused on nature and the environment.

"In 2017, we have added new programs to our thousands of educational adventures providing life-enriching, intellectually stimulating experiences for our community of lifelong learners," says James Moses, president and CEO of Road Scholar. "We’ve expanded our language and cultural immersion programs to include Verona and London, introduced new learning adventures in iconic and historic U.S. cities, as well as opportunities to learn aboard ship and bicycling across the country."

Led by expert faculty and study leaders, these new learning adventures go behind the scenes worldwide in 2017:

Adventures Afloat

Road Scholar’s ship-based learning adventures combine the ease of cruising with learning onboard, led by expert faculty.

Slovenia & Croatia: Hidden Coves and Ancient Treasures by Sea

Learn how communities of the Northern Adriatic have been linked through history as you explore ancient white-stone streets. Understand the influence of the past as you discover ruins of ancient villages with experts and walk among the splendor while learning the natural and human story of historic national parks.


Authentic Cuba: A Cultural Journey by Small Ship

Meet local musicians and artists to learn about modern Cuban culture, and explore the historic districts of Havana, Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba. Experience remote nature preserves to learn about ecology and Cuba’s efforts to promote environmental preservation.


Living and Learning

Road Scholar’s cultural- and language-immersion programs are a chance to live like a local on a multi-week learning adventure of 4-6 weeks. Road Scholar has expanded these extended study abroad opportunities to include new destinations:

Living and Learning in Verona

Experience Verona, Italy, like a local as you take a private apartment, attend daily language classes and get to know the history and culture of the city during this adventure.

Living and Learning in London

Live like a local in London as you explore the best of this great European city with local experts and study leaders. Choose an educational emphasis in theater, art or music.

Learning Adventures in the U.S.

In-depth studies of iconic U.S. cities showcase destinations at the heart of American culture. From the East Cost to the American South to Texas and in between, new programs feature the best in-depth access in each destination led by local experts and study leaders.

The Three Capitals: New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

In New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., dive deep into the heritage that built these cities and their place in history and explore the modern culture that makes them tick today. Study leaders bring you into the heart of New York City, into Philadelphia’s historic neighborhoods and sites where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were created and set the standard for democracy and lawmakers around the world. In D.C., local experts and educators showcase the monuments and locations that have established the U.S. capital as a world-renowned city.

On the Road from Asheville to Nashville: The Quintessential South

From quaint towns and Old South charm to revitalized downtowns and innovative cityscapes, this one-of-a-kind learning adventure from Asheville to Nashville has it all — delving into soulful music and its origins, learning more about the region’s horseracing heritage, discovering the natural history and beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, meeting Appalachian artisans and much, much more.

Signature City Dallas-Fort Worth: Urban Art and Culture

Explore Texas’ vibrant art districts through their museums and public spaces. An urban planner, chef and docents share their expertise on the rich culture of these cities. Journey to "Where the West Begins" and immerse yourself in the diverse art and cultural districts of two of Texas’ most vibrant cities. Discover contemporary and historic neighborhoods bursting with creativity, and take part in docent-led explorations of world-class art at city museums. Learn about the influence of these cities on the state’s economy and culture.


East Coast Greenway

The East Coast Greenway is the nation’s most ambitious long-distance urban trail. At 3,000 miles long, the Greenway links Calais, Maine, at the Canadian border, with Key West, Florida by connecting existing and planned shared-use trails in a continuous route. Road Scholar is proud to partner with the East Coast Greenway on a number of our biking learning adventures. Visit for more information on programs.

About Road Scholar

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