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The Road Scholar Experience Spans Four Generations for Trailblazing Grandmother

The not-for-profit educational travel institution creates learning adventures for groups, solo travelers and families

As Thanksgiving and the holiday season approaches, thoughts turn to family and long-standing traditions. At Road Scholar, the holiday season offers families a unique opportunity to come together from all corners of the country to reflect, create memories, and plan new family adventures.

Pioneering Parents

Road Scholar participant Claire Westdahl, 70, comes from a family of Road Scholars. Her parents were two of the first participants to attend a program in the mid-1970s, and also the first to take their grandchildren on a program in the 80s. In all, Claire’s mom had five grandchildren and was able to share her love of Road Scholar with all five.

“It is becoming increasingly difficult for families to unplug and spend quality time together,” said James Moses, the President and CEO of Road Scholar. “Our participants tell us that our Grandparent and Family learning adventures are one of the best ways to create lifelong memories and share an incredible learning experience together.”

4th Generation Road Scholar

Claire and her husband, Robert, took their first of several learning adventures in the late 1990s. Claire has continued to travel with Road Scholar even after Robert passed away several years ago. Fast forward to 2017: Claire is now the grandmother of three grandchildren and plans to carry on the Road Scholar tradition because of the special memories her mother created with her children.

“Mae and her mother live in Manhattan and Mae is the first grandchild old enough to go on a Grandparent program and it was great to share this experience with her,” Claire said. “Mae’s mother wasn’t familiar with Road Scholar, so I think it helped that the organization has such a great reputation.”

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About Road Scholar

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